When are the Q&A calls taking place and how can I participate?

We offer bi-weekly sexpert Q&A calls to every All-Access subscriber.

It’s a dedicated one-hour call in which you can address your sex related questions and get an answer from an expert. You can either hand in your questions prior to or ask them during the call.

You will receive the links to register through our dedicated subscriber update e-mail that we share monthly. We will send an additional reminder e-mail a couple of days before the events. Each call has a different registration link, so be sure to keep an eye open in your inbox and spam folder.

Even if you can’t attend the session live, we encourage you to register and add any questions you may have. We will answer them during the call and you can then watch it on the recorded video which will be added to your All-Access Pass.

Contact us if you need further assistance.

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