I can’t access my Q&A calls

If you can’t log in via the ‘magic link’ option below, then you have to either change the browser or refresh the page. And to make sure you are logged in or you are using the right login details.
Also, make sure you select Returning customer when putting in your details.

These details are the ones you used when you first registered for the Q&A session (if you didn’t use the same email as your Omooni account then you won’t be able to log in). Do make sure you use the right email and password.
If you didn’t register already then select New User and add an email and password. After you will see a welcome screen.

If you forgot your password select ‘Forgot Password’ and then click on the left side of the screen and select ‘Joined Events’ to see the Q&A session. Do not check ‘My Events’ as that is only if you created your own event.

If for any reason the page is blank, return to the course and click on the session once again to make sure you are registered. The session will play within the course and/or on the Crowdcast page as soon as you are registered.

Still not working?

Contact us if you need further assistance.

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